Things I Love

This is an area I wanted to share the yoga tools I absolutely love in my practice so that if you see anything you like you can easily find out what it is or if you are looking for recommendations on products. When it comes to yoga I am always expanding and experiencing new things. My tastes change as everyone’s does so check back to this page again for updates and new features!


Blocks Baby!!

I love yoga blocks! They are so helpful in your practice and your everyday life! I use my blocks while doing asana, like a supported bridge, or sometimes I use my blocks as coffee table and put my tea or my journal on them. My son even loves to jump off the blocks for fun! Haha. So, right now I use two kinds of blocks. I use the Gaiam blocks that you can find at target, which are awesome for the little one and are great for poses like supported bridge where the block may be touching your back. This is because they are more foam like so not so ouchy on the body parts. I also use a Dragonfly cork block. This block is great for poses like half moon where you are balancing and need a strong stable block to help keep you steady. My cork blocks were found on Amazon.


I still have yet to find my absolute perfect mat, but I have a couple that I like. I currently use the Manduka Eko Lite mat, which is the pretty blue one you will see in some of my videos. I use this when I know I am going to need something with a little more grip. It is really great for not slipping and getting curled up on the floor underneath me. I also use the Lole Air Mat, this is the black and yellow mat you may have seen. This mat is so cushiony and feels amazing on my wrists and knees when I need a little extra cushion. It’s texture is really nice too so I like to use this one when doing some feel good flows.



Yoga Pants!!

I love me some Alo Yoga pants! They fit so nicely and are so easy to move in!. Plus, the high waist ones never seem to roll down and around my belly pooch. Don’t you hate it when you do a forward fold and you feel the band of your pants roll down and under your pooch? I really do. Another brand I have had success with is Go Clever Yoga, their pants fit surprisingly well and are great to wear all day. I even wear them to my day job! Of these two, Go Clever is the more affordable option, so check them out. However, every once in awhile you can catch a killer deal on Alo’s website, so don’t count them out just because of the price.